Flatpack Festival 2013 – and we were SOOO excited!


flatpack festival
The Flatpack festival – not what we thought it was!



 Imagine the excitement in the WeDo Flatpack offices when we discovered the existence of – ‘The Flatpack Festival’ – right here on the hallowed shores of dear ‘ol blighty no less!

The crew were buzzing with visions of an IKEA platform gleaming in the sunlight and stacked to the heavens with FAGLEBODA door handles and NUMERAR wall edging strips among the beautifully assembled wardrobe units and fabulous Free-standing kitchen’s.

Maybe Argos would roll out a complete self-assembly office unit – bliss!

But alas – no – dear reader, The Flatpack Festival it turns out is a film festival! Running from today 21st March for 11 days at venues throughout Birmingham.

 So, for more information on the flatpack festival visit http://www.flatpackfestival.org.uk/  if an assembly quote for your latest acquisition is more your thing visit WeDo Flatpack or telephone our ever so slightly deflated Flatpack loving nerds on 0845 388 5252, they’ll cheer up on receiving your call!!

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