44% Fazed by Flatpack!


The sound of  jaws clattering off the well polished but delicately illuminated floors  in the WeDo Flatpack office shattered the usual calm but brisk efficiency with which the office is typically run, as shocked fitters and stunned admin staff took in the full impact of the data now searing its way through their retinas and lodging with a hollow echo in their disbelieving brains!

For according to research commissioned by trade recommendation website ratedpeople.com, 44% of 1500 UK adults surveyed were unable or unwilling to assemble Flatpack furniture!

…….. surely this was a mistake, but no, apparently there was more……..

“A further one in 10 Brits – around 4 million people – embarrassingly admitted to needing a whole day to build a single piece of flat-pack furniture, and 26 per cent of adults said they dedicate half a day to the task.

Self-assembly furniture has become common in many modern homes thanks to stores like IKEA and Habitat which specialised in affordable lounge, kitchen and bedroom units.

However, the research found that the ability to build flat pack furniture might be a matter of male pride as nearly three quarters of men – 74 per cent – said that they always build it themselves.

By comparison, 56 per cent of British women acknowledged that they cannot build flat-pack furniture, with 35 per cent of women relying on their partner to do it. Some 44 per cent of Brits said they never build flat-pack furniture for themselves, while 14 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds still rely on their father to be handy with an Allen key.

Some of the common complaints about building flat pack furniture included taking much longer than anticipated to do, unclear instructions and ending up with ‘spare’ parts at the end of the build.”

The fitters have recovered their composure and the admin staff are standing by with renewed determination to help anybody and everybody in need of assistance with their flatpack trauma’s!

Call us now on 0845 388 5252 or check out the wedo flatpack website

The full story is available at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2205308/How-flat-pack-furniture-left-half-scratching-heads-pay-build-us.html#ixzz2PyzPqJIW

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