Farthing in a Flatpack box!

flatpack bike,ikea bike,sandwich bike
The Bike in a box!

The cooing and appreciative nods started as soon as the guys and gals of the suitably ventilated WeDo Flatpack office caught sight of this little beauty in a pleasingly familiar flatpacked box……. maybe we should have a fleet of these to get us to customers homes to do what WeDo best – ‘furnish the nation’s dwelling rooms with flatpack finery’!

The jangle of tool belts ceased momentarily as the penny (farthing!) dropped that this could be the next great revolution in personal mobility – stacked high on the shelves of the nation’s flatpack outlets!

Perhaps we are prone to a little wistful dreaming here at flatpack HQ, still, there’s not much wrong with dreaming of a better – more easily and conveniently transported – world is there?

Whatever you buy Flatpacked be it a bike or a bureaux give us  a call on 0845 388 5252 or check out our assembly photo’s at www.wedoflatpack.co.uk.

flatpack bike
Flatpack Bike fully assembled


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