Flatpack Frustration is Fact

"Does that look level to you?"
“Does that look level to you?”

It is official – building flatpack furniture is bad for your health. Well, maybe this is taking it a bit too far, but a 2010 Office for National Statistics (ONS) study by Dr Miles Richardson of Derby University reveals some interesting truths. A whopping 23-24 million UK adults (that’s over half of us!) attempted to assemble a piece of flatpack furniture in the two years preceding the survey seemingly leading to much misery, anger and resentment.

Having interviewed 1295 adults about their self-assembly experiences, this first comprehensive survey of flatpack reveals that 67% flatpack fledglings got into difficulty with their build, and 41% admitted to getting frustrated or angry, leading to a full-on Human v MDF battle. A third of those interviewed put this down to misreading or misunderstanding the instructions. Well this is understandable. Typically diagrams are complicated or unclear, instructions vague and difficult to follow and before you know it, you are up to your allen keys in numbers, arrows and directives that are bizarre enough to make you think you were getting involved with some sort of voodoo ritual.

Out of those surveryed, 13% managed to damage their furniture item before completion, but perhaps more alarming is the fact that 8% had actually injured themselves following their attempt to assemble their furniture, a proportion of which even requiring medical attention as a result. That equates to over 100 injuries! The last thing you need when you are half way through putting your wardrobe doors on is a trip to A and E, but Dr. Richardson estimates that hundreds of people each year are afflicted by flatpack injuries.

"When I nod my head, you hit it"
“When I nod my head, you hit it”

Despite the complications, and apparent hazards, flatpack furniture remains a popular and cheaper alternative to ready-built alternatives. Athough it is worth noting that flatpack is no longer just pertinent to the lower end furniture range as increasing numbers of retailers targetting the more sophisticated and discerning are now also delivering their furniture flatpacked, often to the customer’s surprise. One minute you could be ordering a chest of drawers, which looked perfectly constructed in the online photo; next minute your bedroom floor is littered with wood, screws and instructions which appear to be written in a strange and sinister hybrid language which resembles Chinese.

Step 1: Read the instructions
Step 1: Read the instructions

But customers of flatpack furniture need undergo the torment and suffering of the self-assembly build no more! The staff at WeDo Flatpack are eager and excited to be able to show you that there is another way. Our nationwide team of skilled assemblers can be on your door in no time, and will be delighted to save you time, stress and effort. We’ll even come to your rescue if you have got into difficulty part way through a build.

So, let WeDo Flatpack give you your precious weekends back and save damage to your furniture and to yourselves. We can prevent frustration, chaos, injury and even marital distress!

Remember, WeDo Flatpack – so you don’t have to!


0845 388 5252


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