Flatpack proves just fine for worship of the Divine!

flatpack church
The Flatpack church

The resourceful congregation of St Michael’s and All Angels Church, Daws Heath, Essex, set out to upgrade their place of veneration (a former First World War army hut) by instigating a ‘Buy-a-Log appeal’ with a minimum donation of £5 .

With the old hut becoming increasingly difficult to keep in a usable state of repair, the Anglican congregation undertook the 3-year long fund-raising drive and won various grants to replace their old church with a brand new (and very beautiful, if we may be so bold!) £560,000 Flatpack building, made of 150 year old pine logs – pre-cut in their native Finland.

flatpack church,ikea church
St. Michaels old Former Army Hut cum Church
It’s believed that thanks to the cold climate that these trees grew in, the new church should have  a life expectancy of up to 200 years, God willing!It has twice the capacity of the old church and seats 150 worshippers on new (flatpacked we hope!) furniture. The new building was  sanctified by the Bishop of Bradwell, the Right Reverend John Wraw and more than 200 churchgoers turned out to witness the event.Mr Wraw said: ‘This is such a lovely building and I think people will rapidly grow to love it and treasure it.

ikea church
Right, where did I put the instructions?

‘Those who have been involved in the project already love it.’

We wish all at St. Michaels many joyous years in their new building, and although we haven’t yet been called on to assemble anything as  Divine as a church building, we’ve built pretty much everything else which comes flatpacked, so if you need your Shed, Wardrobe, Bed or Play Area assembling give us a call – 0845 388 5252 – because WeDo Flatpack – So You Don’t Have To!


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