Office Furniture Flies off the Shelf!

Boing 747 engine table
Don’t get sucked in by the hot air in the boardroom!

Motoart take decommissioned aero parts and turn them into breath-taking pieces of high-end furniture.

Like the lustrously finished Boeing 747 engine cowl cum boardroom table pictured above, everything that comes out of their California workshop is subjected to hours of painstaking preparation. It’s 12 feet across and accommodates 12 executives, with six built – in USB charging points and even incoporates a funky LED lighting show!

The Boeing’s cowl now lives on the 50th floor offices of an oil & gas company based in Texas. To get it up there, the design had to incorporate an element of flat-pack know-how so that it could be manoeuvred into the lift, ready for final assembly when it reached it’s terminal destination!

B-52 ejector seat chair
Motoart are making it easier to eject unruly customers!

Another novel idea is the use of a B-52 bomber ejector seat as a rather unconventional home or office seating solution.

Motoart say: “The black anodized aluminum base is mounted on industrial, multi-directional casters. The frame of the seat is clear coated aluminum and the seat handles (ejection actuators) are painted yellow and black to replicate the original airplane seats. Each chair comes with the original, intact ejection pin, replete with the “remove before flight” warning tag.

The hardware is painted to replicate the ejection seats from the B-52 Bomber and now sports new upholstery for an ultra modern look and feel.  These chairs also add an unconventional twist to our executive desks.

MotoArt technicians strip the seat of all old material, then repair, grind, sand, and polish the frame to a high gloss aluminum finish. High performance vinyl is standard, as shown, but leather and other materials are also available. The base plate and seat frame can also be powder coated with any of an array of colors.

MotoArt’s B-52 Ejection chair comes from the B-52 Stratofortress. It was built to carry a payload of 60,000 pounds and is the largest bomber in U.S. Air Force history.  That just may explain why these seats have what it takes to support you through a brutal meeting or two!”

– sitting comfortably? Are you sure this thing isn’t remote controlled?! Brings a whole new meaning to ‘sitting in the hot seat!’

dc10 cowling bed
We assume the lady is optional for the price!

Almost everything Motoart does is price-on-request, however we managed to get an estimate for this unique DC10 engine cowl bed of approximately $22,000! It’s bespoke and will be tailored to your personal taste, but, it’d better be darn comfortable for that kind of wonga!

WeDo Flatpack doth our collective cap to the dedicated team at Motoart for  such innovation & craftmanship, there can be few equals.

For whatever you need assembling, be it from Argos or Motoart phone us on 0845 388 5252 or find out more about the dedicated boys and girls of WeDo Flatpack on our bespoke tailored website!


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