KNUFF debate – The winner is …..

IKEA coffee table
IKEA Hackers hack of the year – The KNUFF transformable coffee table


Hacking – a term previously reserved for those breaking into e-mail accounts, computer systems and the like and used by our forebears to draw attention to a particularly nasty rasping cough – is the zeitgeist word for taking an item which has been designed for a specific purpose and re-imagining it’s capabilities for a whole other purpose, and within this spirit the IKEA Hackers website runs an annual competition which allows it’s readers to vote for the best hack of the year. At the beginning of this year the 2012 winner was announced to be this clever KNUFF coffee table.

Imagined by a creative type identified only as ‘imchaser’ , this pleasing design takes four KNUFF magazine holders glued together and secured to a rotating artists stool, to create a delightful coffee table cum book/magazine/remote control storage which handily rotates to bring the correct shelf easily to hand (or your coffee, if you’ve been wacky enough to place it on the wrong side!).

ikea knuff storage
Artists stool can be replaced with IKEA parts if desired


Naturally you wouldn’t want to put anything too heavy on it – it’s really not that sort of design – but for the cozier dwelling, where space is required for reading material AND a cup of coffee this could be just the ticket! Thanks to the KNUFF storage units being pre-packed in two’s it also has the ability to be transformed into several other design style’s.

Simple yet transformable
Simple yet transformable

‘imchaser’ can be rightly proud of his devilishly Simple but versatile creation and those of us who work with flatpack will rightly stand back and admire this useful hack, perhaps wishing we’d thought of it first! Well done ‘imchaser’ everyone at Flatpack Towers wishes you well with your creation. If this is your first glimpse of IKEA hacking, don’t be surprised if you find your mind wandering next time you peruse your favourite flatpack furniture store, pondering perhaps, the possibility of making your wardrobe storage levitate out of view when it’s not needed! And after all that tortuous shopping you’ll likely need a helping hand with the assembly of your purchases  – So give us a call on 0845 388 5252 or visit our website

ikea knuff coffee table
Store your err.. furniture catalogue’s with ease!










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