Solving the furniture puzzle

Now here’s a conundrum – Some folks like nothing better than a good puzzle to fill their leisure time, and these so-called Metagrobologists (One who studies puzzles!) choose to fill their free time with a bewildering array of brain-teasers.

puzzle furniture, chandelier, flatpack
The Chandelier Puzzle

The history of puzzles stretches back into antiquity, there are indications that the Chinese ring puzzle may have been around since the second century AD or even earlier. Still one of the most popular – the Jigsaw – was first created around 1760 when John Spilsbury, a cartographer and engraver placed a map on a piece of wood and cut around the countries to use as a teaching aid,  later came the Rubix cube, and far too many others have since been created to list here, but you get the idea!

puzzle, furniture, praktrik
Puzzle Furniture by Praktrik

The traditional Burr puzzle also traces its origins back to ancient times, but has been brought bang up-to-date by a small firm called Praktrik (Practical Tricks) who have taken the problem solving ethos and used it to create some highly original and striking furniture, which could provide a perfectly perplexing place to assemble your latest Jigsaw, or a great talking point when friends visit.

furniture, puzzle, wardrobes
Praktrik’s shelf puzzle

If you have the time and the inclination Praktrik’s stupefying range includes shelves, stools, lamps, tables and many others – they can even handle bespoke orders! However, if you have neither the time nor the patience or just like the furniture but don’t wish to assemble it yourself, our simple, straightforward and hassle free furniture assembly service is ready, willing and able to put together anything flat-packed – So you don’t have to! Call 0845 388 5252 or visit our website via the link above.




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