Autonomous Furniture Future – Really!

If anything is going to create a stir here in the WeDo Flatpack offices it’s the promise of some exciting future tech which puts the spotlight on assembly techniques. So when we found out that MIT had created programmable pieces of furniture which, when given a suitable form of energy could literally assemble themselves, we were positively frothing with excitement! It was too good not to share!

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) based in Cambridge Massachusetts, have a wonderful creative suite called the Self-Assembly lab, where students have free reign to experiment with cutting-edge technologies in order to provide useful glimpses into the world which lies ahead of us.


The self – assembling furniture featured here is not going to be readily available at your local IKEA any time soon though unfortunately (or fortunately, if like us, you enjoy the process of creating something useful from cardboard boxes!), but it is a taster of the advanced strategies being worked on, which should enable scientists in the mid – distant future to send all kinds of equipment out into the universe (or given the nature of this particular experiment, maybe an underwater lair) all neatly Flatpacked ready to unwrap & assemble itself when it reaches it’s destination!

The concensus in the WeDo Flatpack offices were that no one was going to volunteer to be the first human assembling an IKEA Pax wardrobe on Mars – looks rather lonely and we can’t see there being anywhere to recharge a cordless screwdriver! –  so although it may break our hearts to see assembly work going elsewhere, on this occasion we’re awfully glad that the boffins from MIT are solving this problem for us!

If you, your company or anybody you know needs an assembly service then don’t hesitate to call the friendly team at WeDo Flatpack on 0845 388 5252, but please remember we are only available on earth!



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